Anyone can double her typing speed by using the Veyboard.

Anyone can double their typing speed using the Veyboard.

Chord typing
Veyboard is the only keyboard which allows the typist to hit several keys simultaneously to produce exactly the desired word or syllable using just that one stroke.

How come?
The answer lies in the design of the Veyboard: a keyboard consisting of two ‘wings’ and a central body. The two 'wings' have identical keys and cover all consonants; the central body of the Veyboard is used for all the individual vowels and vowel combinations.

What you want is what you get
The specially developed language-specific Veyboard software places consonants from the left wing of the keyboard in the correct sequence at the start of a word or syllable, central vowel (combinations) in the middle, and consonants on the right of the keyboard in the correct sequence at the end of a stroke.

The result
As a syllable generally consists of three characters, it is clear that this method of typing can produce a great increase in output and productivity. For instance, Veyboard typing at a rate of two strokes per second will provide an average of six typed characters which adds up to 360 characters per minute.

With enough practice a typist using Veyboard can manage three strokes per second and thus a result of 480 characters per minute is readily within reach: in other words, a doubling of the typing speed for an average typist is possible. Some Veyboard specialists even manage 800 characters per minute, more than sufficient to produce a simultaneous transcript of the spoken word, whether at conferences, workshops or in parliaments.