Veyboard is the optimal keyboard for everyone that needs to type large texts fast and accurately.

Veyboard is the optimal keyboard for everyone who needs to type long texts.

Competitive advantage
Veyboard is THE keyboard for anyone who wants to double her/his typing speed. The Veyboard combination of speed, precision and productivity makes it stand out from other keyboards.

Veyboard is perfectly suited for live television subtitling, for conferences and workshops and for any other situation in which a simultaneous transformation of speech into written text is essential. Veyboard technology is also the answer for police interrogations or cross-examinations in court where a verbatim transcript of the spoken word needs to be available a.s.a.p.

Interpreters for the deaf: text production at the speed of speech!
Using the Veyboard, interpreters for the deaf can provide an instant 'translation' of the spoken word into written text on a screen in front of the deaf person. This provides a good alternative to the more well-known interpretation method using sign language. Literally millions of people worldwide suffer from some type of hearing impairment, and many of them do not know sign language: Veyboard technology offers an effective and efficient instrument to enable them to fully participate in society - whether at work, at school or in a social context.

Both in Sweden and in the Netherlands, professional higher education has introduced studies for deaf interpretation using the Veyboard.