Method to master syllable typing on a Veyboard.

Getting started with Veyboard
Why doesn’t everybody switch to using the Veyboard? Today rather than tomorrow?
The answer is that mastering syllable typing calls for a particular skill - to understand and to operate the logic of Veyboard. And as with any new skill, solid training is indispensable. ‘‘Getting started with Veyboard” was developed and thoroughly tested for the Dutch language and is now ready in its English version. It is a stimulating, interactive method to master Veyboarding. Learning to use a Veyboard is not that difficult, but it is time intensive.

The method
In a logical sequence, all steps areintroduced in the “Getting started with Veyboard” Manual, along with exercises linked to each of these steps. Exercises vary continuously and are adjustable to each individual’s requirements.
Devoting some two hours a day to this course, it will take about 10 weeks to master the basic skills of Veyboarding.
The VeyboardTrainer can then be optimally used to enhance a typist‘s speed while making, hopefully, no errors at all.

The components
The "Getting started with Veyboard" learning method consists of a Manual with a colour chart and comprehensive training software. Get a preview of what you can expect from the method, by taking a look at chapter 1 of the Manual.